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Multi-Family Lumber Takeoff and Estimating Services You Can Trust

MFCE Lumber Takeoff and Estimating Services Will Save You Time, Money, Control Waste, and Target DIV 6 Rough Carpentry Material Budgets On Your Multi-Family Projects

MFC Estimating provides complete comprehensive and detailed lumber takeoff and estimating services to apartment developers, general contractors, and lumber wholesale supply companies in the multi-family construction industry.

MFC Estimating is adept at providing lumber estimates for all styles of multi-family projects: garden style, podium, wrap, and mid-rise design wood frame construction.

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Multi-Family Lumber Takeoff Services

MFC Estimating performs complete comprehensive and detailed multifamily lumber material takeoff and estimating services in all 50 states. To produce accurate construction budgets, you need to develop a unit-cost method for estimating your construction projects. A lumber takeoff estimate is much more than just a count of material. It is actually the front line in controlling costs and minimizing waste. An accurate lumber takeoff estimate is the best tool for optimizing construction methods and controlling budgets.

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Complete DIV 6 Lumber Estimating and Budget Bid Analysis

MFCE provides complete DIV 6 Rough Carpentry Lumber Material Estimating services for multi-family apartment developers, property Investors, and general contractors. Garden style, podium, or wrap design, MFC Estimating offers complete comprehensive and detailed pre-construction estimating services.

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Lumber Components Are Estimated Per Plans and Specifications

All Lumber estimates include complete unit and building schematic takeoff diagrams with calculations and estimate of all lumber material component systems. Framing material component summary's are presented with lineal feet to board foot conversions for convenient pricing and comparison through lumber wholesale supply companies.

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